Murder Captured By Google Street View Car

Travelling through Google Brazil's Street View is an amazing trip of luxury and misery, even while they can't get into the favelas for risk of being killed. There's no need. You can find death elsewhere. Warning: strong images inside.

This is one case: a murder in Belo Horizonte, in the State of Minas. You can see the body covered in a black plastic, surrounded by the military police.

Here is another killed man, found in Praça Noronha Santos, Rio de Janeiro. Authorities have not released any information yet, but a journalist friend in Brazil tells me he was probably run over by a car.

These images have been removed already, but not before they were captured by Brazilian Google Street View users.

Sadly, people are reporting other images like these. Google is taking them down as they learn about them. [EM]



    How did the driver not see the body and note it down?

    " Sadly, people are reporting other images like these "
    I seriously hope you mean that it's sad that images like these can be found at all, and not sad that people are reporting them to enable the removal of said images.
    Only one of these options is worthy of printing..

    I prefer the funny streetviews at

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

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