Miniature Kinetic Sculptures Are Coolest Snail Mail You Could Send

Stamps and envelopes and mailboxes - I DON'T DO THAT. But these MechaniCards - a set of five intricate and mesmerising handcrafted mechanical sculptures you can send in the mail - are awesome enough to get me back standing in line for postage.

Each MechaniCard is handmade by artist Bradley N. Litwin. The Radial Engine, the first card shown in the video, is currently available for $US45. The rest will be available next month, for prices ranging from $US35 to $US75 for the deliciously complex "Yike-a-cycle", which the creator describes as "the final work in the introductory series, featuring a lone, cycling apparition, that traverses an undulating, circular path to promised enlightenment".

So so awesome! The last time I had an apparition in the mailbox was when I got the live action Casper DVD from Netflix. [MechaniCards]

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