Mactard Travel Tip: Your Macbook Air Can Sneak By Airport Security

It seems the 11.6-inch MacBook Air falls into the "small and portable electronic items" category that the iPad belongs to, at least where airport security is concerned. 13-inch MacBook Air owners will still have to be removed from bags, though.

Those couple extra inches count for something with the US Transportation Security Administration, though as I said yesterday, taking laptops out of bags (and removing shoes) isn't a huge task. Except for when you forgot to avoid the holey socks that day.

This just stirs the pot of the old argument again. What's so dangerous about a couple of extra inches on what's virtually the same laptop? I've been caught with a 9-inch netbook in the past, being asked to remove it from my bag when going through the X-ray machine — so what gives? Perhaps the British Airways CEO Martin Broughton was bang on the buck yesterday when he branded the US' security rules as being "completely redundant". [TSA via Gadling]

Image via xx6734/Flickr

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