Life Isn't Always So Rosy For Green Towns

Initially, they applauded the erection of three wind turbines. Now the inhabitants of Penobscot Bay island, Maine, rue the day the $US15 million wind facility was built a mile from their homes, because of the sheer noise the 37m blades make.

The New York Times has looked into the concerns of people from locations such as Penobscot Bay and DeKalb County in Illinois, where wind turbines have resulted in unbearable noise pollution - as well as lost value in properties.

For the Lindgren family of Penobscot Bay, they supported the idea at first, but soon realised after the turbines arrived that their peace and solitude - the reason for moving out of the city - had disappeared.

Thirty eight families in the DeKalb County sued the wind farm company, hoping to see the 100 turbines dismantled. Prior to wind farms being built, studies are undertaken to determine the level of noise pollution, but either it's not done well enough or not enough being complain about the noise once erected. In one case, the noise generated exceeded the sound limits for nights.

But what to do? It'd be so counterproductive to cease building wind turbine farms, but people's health is obviously an important factor when choosing areas. Even in the Mojave Desert, where few people live, a wind and solar farm faced opposition because of the environmental future of the national monuments there.

At least the areas surrounding wind turbines tend to be cooler during the day and warmer during the night, eh? You win some and lose some, I guess. [NYT]

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