LEGO Leica Camera Works But Won't Fool Anybody

Save yourself $US5000 by making a Leica M8 out of LEGO for $US50. It's a good way to dodge those taxes, but I'll warn you: the 3MP camera will hardly hold up to your phone, let alone a Leica.

MOCPages user Schfio Factory used a $US50 LEGO camera as a base for the camera, sticking black LEGO bricks all over it until it resembled one of the most recognisable cameras in the world today. It'd make a great gift for a child who is always wanting to use Daddy's Leica, but I have a feeling that for most Daddies, this LEGO camera is more in their price range than the real thing. [MOCpages via Petapixel via Photojojo]

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