If You Had To Buy A Smartphone Today, Which Would You Buy?

Maybe you just recently bought the phone of your dreams. Maybe you're due for an upgrade. In any event, the phone you coveted six months ago is probably not the one you're coveting now. So which would you buy today?

Androids and iPhones are getting better at doing business. Blackberrys are getting better at doing multimedia. OS updates are rolling out fast and furious, bringing compelling new features with each iteration. Things in the mobile industry are changing fast, and the devices available to consumers are changing right along with them. It's OK if it makes you feel kinda funny inside.

Perhaps, if you had to choose, your allegiance would be with the iPhone. It has a beautiful, if flawed, design; there are more apps than you can wave an iTunes gift card at; and the OS is polished like beach glass.

Maybe you're set on getting a Blackberry - the strange new sliding Torch or one of the old standbys like the Curve or the Bold. Hey, BBM is a hell of a drug.

Or maybe your enamoured by all the options Android affords. The OS is getting better all the time and you're bound to find a handset you fancy, no matter what carrier you're on.

As it turns out, more and more people are picking Android these days. A new study from Nielsen shows that among Americans who have purchased smartphones in the last six months, the most people - 31 per cent - have gone Android. Apple and Blackberry have seen 26 per cent and 25 per cent of new mobile buyers, respectively.

The mobile landscape is always changing, and there's no telling what the latest and greatest devices will offer six months from now. But if you had to choose today, which smartphone would you spring for? Let us know in the comments.

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