iAppalooza: What Did We Miss?

We've spent the past four weeks showcasing our favourite apps for the iPhone. There's a lot we didn't fit in, and a few of our decisions weren't universally accepted. So now's your chance to tell us? What did we miss? What did we get wrong? What apps do you think every iPhone owner needs to have on their iPhone?

You can browse through the entire iAppalooza collection here. It's a fairly long list, but doesn't include everything: Some of the apps we love that didn't make the cut were things like Skype, Speedtest, Doodle Jump, Evernote, Shazam, Facebook and Twitter. But there are over 300,000 apps on the App Store, so there's bound to be a few we've missed. Tell us your thoughts below.

iAppalooza is Gizmodo Australia’s showcase of their favourite iPhone apps across a range of categories. [iAppalooza]

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