iAppalooza Productivity: Niggle It

If you're anything like me, you have a crypt somewhere at the bottom of several desk drawers that seems to collect all the receipts and other info for your gadget purchases. And on the odd occasion you need that info for a warranty claim, it takes a week to find the relevant bit of paperwork. That's why Niggle It is one of our favourite iPhone apps.

Used as a tracking service for your warranties and contracts, the iPhone app is simplicity itself. Simply take a photo sof the paperwork, enter a description and the correct date, add info about the life of the warranty or contract and then Niggle It will remind you of any other important dates coming up regarding that particular item.

The iPhone app itself is free, which is awesome, although for the service to work you'll need to sign up for a Niggle It account, which costs $25 a year for a single user or $30 a year for a family. That might push this into the "too expensive" realm for some people, but they do have a free trial that includes five free niggles and 10MB of storage space for digital copies of your receipts and contracts.

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