iAppalooza Productivity: Epic Win

iAppalooza Productivity: Epic Win

 title=If you’re not very good at managing your ToDo lists, but enjoy levelling up characters while playing long, detailed RPGs, Epic Win is the productivity app for you.

Epic Win takes the RPG mentality to completing tasks. You choose an avatar when you first open the app, and then start the process of creating tasks to complete. Each task that you add is given a level of “epicness”, between 50 and 300, as well as a category – either strength, stamina, intellect, social or spirit. You can add repeating tasks at this stage as well.

With tasks added, you can begin battling them. As you hold down the icon, a small animation will show your avatar fighting the task, until the job is completed. Completing tasks progresses you on your journey, which will help you discover loot, and thanks to a recent update, also rewards you gold. It also levels up your playing character.

Sadly, that’s where the gaming likeness ends, at least for the time being. We’d like to see some more interactive battles as well – for those big chores, and tasks that take an age to complete. The ability to sync tasks with Outlook or another desktop app client would also be welcome, although they did just add a online backup component.

But given that the developers are continuing to tweak the app’s mechanic by adding in new features constantly, these things aren’t impossible expectations. It wouldn’t surprise us if you can use the recent addition of Gold to purchase upgrades to your avatar in a future update, for example.

For $3.99, you probably won’t want to purchase both this and something like Awesome Note, but if you do think the act of levelling up a character might help boost your productivity, why wouldn’t you try this?

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