iAppalooza Photography: TiltShift Generator

iAppalooza Photography: TiltShift Generator

A good quality tilt-shift lens for a DSLR costs a couple of thousand dollars. Some newer cameras include a tilt-shift mode that fakes the effect, but those cameras cost a few hundred dollars at best. TiltShift Generator is a $1.19 app that will let you convert any image on your iPhone into a fake tilt-shift image. Win.

The app lets you work from either images in your iPhone’s photo library or new photos taken with the phone’s camera. It works by allowing you to select the items in focus, creating a fake depth of field by blurring the rest of the image and then boosting contrast, saturation and brightness (with a little vignetting thrown in for good measure).

Each of the settings is completely customisable, and you have the option of saving the image or sending it via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Given how much we love Tilt-Shift here at Giz, this is an automatic addition to our iAppalooza Photography apps…

[TiltShift Generator]