iAppalooza Other: Cellar

iAppalooza Other: Cellar

 title=Since joining the fatherhood fraternity, my wine collection has become what the French call, “le crap”. But so that I can ensure that every bottle is worth buying, I always use the Aussie made Cellar app.

The app lets you photograph the labels and customise the bottles of your collection of plonk, so you know exactly what you should be looking for the next time you head to the bottle shop. After drinking, you rate each bottle, so you know what tasted good and what tasted like fortified urine. If you finish your last bottle of a particular wine, you can move it to your virtual garage, so all your wine’s details remain stored on your phone.

The latest version of the app lets you share the wine with a friend over email, where they’ll actually receive the virtual bottle.

As a way of tracking your wine database, there are few better options. At $5.99, this is a pretty pricey app, but if you love your wine, it’s worth it.

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