iAppalooza News: Pulse News Mini

iAppalooza News: Pulse News Mini

 title=While Reeder is probably our favourite RSS reading app on the App Store, it’s not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we also like Pulse News Mini, which adds some design flare to your RSS reading.

With support for up to 20 RSS feeds, the app shows you the headline and an image accompanying each post. You can cycle through past stories or through the various feeds with a slide of your finger, while selecting the article you want to read opens it up, giving you access to everything available via RSS.

Adding new feeds is easy – a simple search for Gizmodo Australia will pull up our feed – although there are some recommended feeds, which includes the US mothership.

While you’re in an post, you can easily share the link via Twitter, Facebook, email or send it to Instapaper, should you have that offline article reading app installed. If a friend has the app installed, you can also bump your iPhones to discover what they like reading.

The app is $1.19, and a nicely designed way of accessing your favourite RSS feeds.

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