iAppalooza Finance: XE Currency

iAppalooza Finance: XE Currency

 title=With the Aussie dollar skyrocketing towards parity with the US dollar, it’s good to have a an app to keep you up to date with the latest currency trends. XE currency is our pick of the bunch, helped largely by the fact that it’s free.

The interface of XE Currency couldn’t be simpler. After setting your base currency, you’re given a list of standard currencies with live trading values, although you can add in different currencies easily.

The default is to see the value of $1 of your base currency, but you can easily see how much any quantity of any currency is by selecting it on the home page. The app will automatically update the latest information on the value of the currencies at regular user defined intervals, or you can shake the phone to refresh.

If you’re planning on travelling, this app is a must have.

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