iAppalooza Finance: ATM Hunter

iAppalooza Finance: ATM Hunter

 title=Every Australian bank has a way to find your branch’s nearest ATM, either through a dedicated app or a component of their banking app. But what if you’re overseas? That’s where the free ATM Hunter app from Mastercard stands out.

The app lets you find your nearest ATM, either by using your GPS coordinates, or by letting you search via an address or via an airport. Once you’ve searched for ATMs, you can finetune your search using a selection of pre-determined parameters, like whether the ATM is wheelchair accessible, open 24 hours or is part of a bank, for example.

Using the search box above the results bar will let you search for a particular bank’s ATM’s, and once you’ve found your nearest cash dispenser, you can select it to view its location on a map.

But of all the ATM finding apps on the App Store, this is our favourite for two reasons. Firstly, it’s free – which is a huge positive. Secondly, it’s global. Thanks to the Mastercard branding – which also offers “tips” on finance – you can use it anywhere in the world to find your nearest ATM, although you will need a data connection.

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