iAppalooza Entertainment: OzTV

iAppalooza Entertainment: OzTV

 title=With the current explosion of content on free-to-air TV thanks to the introduction of extra digital channels, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of iPhone apps out there designed to act as your pocket-sized TV guide. The OzTV app is relatively new, but it’s still one of the best options out there.

When you first launch the OzTV app, you need to select your region, which gives you a rundown of the applicable TV stations. That done, you’ll find that each channel is given it’s own panel, which you navigate between by swiping left and right, and adjust the time period by selecting up or down arrows.

Each show has detailed information about the program, which makes deciding whether or not you want to watch the show easier. If you still want more info, there’s a button which sends you to the program’s Wikipedia page, alongside the option to send info on the show via email or MMS, and the ability to set a reminder five minutes before the show starts so you don’t miss it.

The bottom of the app has the option to quickly navigate to a particular day or time to see what’s on, during the seven day guide, while the settings option allows you to customise which channels you want to display in what order, adjust your local setting and extend the reminder time up to an hour before the show starts.

On the downside, the OzTV app doesn’t actually feature a grid style EPG that offers a comprehensive overview, or a way of discovering shows that you might normally miss. But what it does offer is an exceptionally clean user interface and concise and detailed information about FTA TV programming. It’s currently on sale for $2.49, with a regular price of $3.99.