iAppalooza Entertainment: My Movies

iAppalooza Entertainment: My Movies

 title=Finding a movie session time app that is designed specifically for Australian moviegoers used to be a bit like discovering penicillin – you’d only do it by accident. But the My Movies app offers session times for most Australian cinemas, with the iPhone’s GPS used to tell you where your nearest cinema is.

The app opens to a wall of movie posters displaying “What’s hot”, which is basically a listing of all the main films being shown that week. Below the poster is a Session Times button, which will tell you where and when you can see the film in your nearby area.

If you’re unfamiliar with a film on the wall, you can select the poster to be given a synopsis of the movie, as well as a link to watch the trailer on YouTube and the option to share the film on Facebook or via email.

You can also browse movies by cinema or by movie, although in reality there are a few problems with this aspect of the app. Both are tied solely to your current location – so if you want to see what time a movie is playing at your local cinema while you’re at work in the city, you will have needed to have saved your cinema to favourites, otherwise there’s no simple way of finding that cinema. Likewise, the movie option let’s you browse what movies are currently playing, but if a movie isn’t playing in your current local area, there’s no real way of finding out where it is playing.

Hopefully these issues will be updated in future versions, because even as it stands, this $2.49 app is still one of the best movie time apps available for Australians.

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