iAppalooza Entertainment: ABC App

iAppalooza Entertainment: ABC App

 title=If there’s one app on the iTunes App Store that exemplifies ease of use and brilliant, entertaining content, it’s the ABC app. Leveraging their experience across both television and radio, the ABC app gives iPhone users direct access to the content they want. For free. What more can you ask for?

Combining both live and downloadable video and audio content, the app offers both news and entertainment content on demand. Opening the app gives you shortcuts to watching ABC24 news streaming live over 3G or listening to live ABC radio, plus the latest news and video content.

Shows like Good Game, the Gruen Transfer, Q&A, Media Watch and Gardening Australia (you know you love it) are all available to access directly from within the app, although you will need a WiFi connection to access most TV show episodes. You can stream 90 second news clips over 3G though.

Radio junkies can access both podcasts and live streaming of pretty much any ABC radio program, and if you need a weather update, the ABC app also includes a suburb-by-suburb weather forecast, or the 90 second video weather report streamable over 3G.

Simply put, the ABC app is a must own for anyone with an iPhone.