I Wish This Was The Verizon iPhone

We received this crystal clear image of what a source claims to be the iPhone 4 for Verizon. Update: It's an alternative cover.

Update: Actually, it's not the Verizon iPhone, but an alternative back cover. But now that I've seen it this way, I know I want it.

It may be real, especially after the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal confirmed that is indeed coming in 2011.

In addition to that, there have been credible reports on Apple engineers being aware of back glass problems that make the iPhone 4 design too fragile. An aluminium back makes sense, and this retro brushed styling looks like something that Jon Ive would do.

However, it could also be a clever, very well done fake. Not a Photoshop, but a custom-made aluminium back. The markings could have been made with a laser. It does look amazingly good, however.

Our tipster claims that the Verizon iPhone has a "brushed aluminium back and a standard black front." He says that they will come packaged with a bumper. He also points out that there will be a product(RED) version of this phone.

Again, this source is completely unverified at this point, so no matter how good it looks, take this with a full spoon of salt.

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