Hurl Snowballs 45m With These Jai Alai Scoops

I can understand not wanting to be the guy who brings a jai alai xistera to a snowball fight, sure, but if you want to start tagging up your enemies (neighbourhood nine-year-olds) at distances of up to 45m, well...

...this is the way to do it. The 45m-slinging Snowball Xistera, an important product from Hammacher Schlemmer, is modelled on the scoopy baskets used in jai alai, an intense sport you may know from that one Mad Men subplot or that one Jackass skit.

The Snowball Xistera's handle has a scoop for packing snowballs, and its curved trough can whip them up to 45m. That's just about the distance where I start feeling comfortable hitting complete strangers with snowballs, so, you know, this thing is pretty much perfect.

$US25 buys you two, but be careful using both of them at once, because you'll probably end up looking pretty silly trying to hurl a snowball the distance of half a football field with a plastic jai alai scoop if you're doing it with your left hand. [HS via Oh Gizmo via Wired]

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