How To Build A Last-Minute Superhero Halloween Costume

Snap! Halloween is here and you're still without so much as a twinkle of an idea of what to be. Thankfully for you, we teamed up with Instructables to bring you these killer costume ideas and guides for making them.

You can thank us later, in fun-sized candy bars.

Ghostbusters Costumes: Did seeing Bill Murray in his proton pack reinvigorate your enthusiasm for ghost hunting? Ghost trapping? Ghost busting? There's still time to build a proton pack of your own! And besides that, the rest of the suit is a piece of cake. Everyone looks good in grey.

Star Wars Costumes: You can never go wrong with a Star Wars costume, and what's great is that there are so many to choose from. Tatooine Luke or Jedi Luke. Princess Leia or Slave Leia. Senator Palpatine or Emperor Palpatine. George Lucas (unpopular) or Zombie George Lucas (less unpopular). The list goes on. And they're not all that hard to pull off! Take, for example, this "low budget Han Solo Halloween costume." Because the real Han Solo wouldn't want you to do it any other way.

Batman Costumes: Whether you want to be the Joker or the Dark Knight himself, a Batman costume can strike the perfect balance between nerd credability and adult respectability. Unless you're dressed in Jim Carey's Riddler costume. That one's pretty goofy.

Iron Man Costumes: Iron Man is arguably the hottest superhero of the moment, and there's no shortage of instructions on how to make your own armour (or arc reactor). And hey, if you get a little too, you know, crazy at that Halloween party, you can just say that you were really playing the part by acting like Tony Stark.

10 Awesome Costumes You'll Never Make: Every year I promise myself I'm going to really grab Halloween by the balls and make a kickass costume, and every year October 30th rolls around and I'm scrambling to get my stuff together. This year I have two days to pull together my zombie cowboy costume. So here, for inspiration if nothing else, are 10 costumes that you would like to make, but probably won't ever get around to.

Halloween Pumpkins: Sure, you say, I've got my costume all set, but what I really need are some high-tech decorations for my Halloween party. Follow these guides for laser pumpkins, remote control pumpkins, Mac-o-lanterns and more. Or really go all out with this Arduino Magic Mirror.

Giz and Instructables hopes you have a safe, fun Halloween. And don't eat all your lollies in one sitting.

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