How Much Is Too Much For NBN Access?

Yesterday, shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull was quoted by Clancy Yeates in the SMH as saying NBN access was likely to cost Australians between $65 and $70 a month, yet that price is "extraordinary". What the hell?

Despite the fact that those figures roughly equate to what us nerds were paying for early 512kb ADSL and that most Gizmodians would already be spending more than that each month, Turnbull has completely neglected to factor in the $30 a month almost every ADSL user has to pay for line rental already. Looking at Telstra's cheapest ADSL2+ plan - $9.95 a month - the cost actually works out at about $69 a month when you factor in the modem and line rental, and that's only if you have a Telstra mobile plan as well (working it out from the 24 month plan's minimum cost of $1677.60).

Obviously there are cheaper options than Telstra. But to do away with line rental, you're still paying at least $50, but without fibre speeds. So the step up to NBN speeds for a slightly higher cost seems a no-brainer.

But we still want to ask: How much would be too much for NBN access? What's the most you're willing to pay to get access to 1000Mbps speeds?


    Remember this is all theoretical speed, with network contention the way it is in australia currently you'll be lucky to get close to the promised speeds. What is the bigger issue is that the govt have used 9 billion dollars of our money to pay telstra to remove the price competition that the remaining copper network might provide. Basically this means that the govt can charge ISPs whatever they need to cover their costs and that will simply get passed on to us regardless as there will be NO alternative. If you want internet in this country get ready to pay lots more.

    What I am getting out of this is that Telstra cable is actually better value for money for the same speed, very generous quotas, and a lot of people can already get it right now. There's a no brainer for you.

    Losing interest in the NBN...

    I would expect current access prices to drop significantly as we are already paying way more than we should be...

    $70 a month plus line rental - It would want to be a pretty sweet package or it will run the risk of becoming a $43 billion dollar white elephant.

    But then again Turbull was the idiot who said we should ban incandescent bulbs at a time when fluorescent lighting was the only other technology commercially available to the average joe.
    Ever tried running fluorescent lights in extreme climates?

    $70 a month is a good starting point for 100mbps services. I think Turnbull is a bloody loon living in his Ozemail heyday of 14400bps superspeed modems.. they just killed those 9600 bps modems.

    Turnbull seems to think, like all his neighbours in Potts Point, we only need internet for some surfing and emails. Abbott is the same. I think the Liberals are just jealous they did not come up with the NBN idea instead of coming up with a Telstra monopoly providing 256kbps for the entire country. Turnbull also waffles on big time about the NBN Co being an ugly monopoly and Conroy having to change laws and blah blah blah. But he forgets to mention how Howard screwed the entire country by selling Telstra as a monopoly just so he could score a few extra dollars.

    I'm currently on Canberra's transact cable.

    It's so bad I just signed a contract with Telstra to move my phone line to an exchange actually capable of ADSL2+ unlike the one I'm stuck with at the moment.

    $70ish dollars a month line rental, bundled with a phone line (that's right, they're a cable company and wont sell you cable without the phone).

    On top of this I'm paying $50 a month for 20gb on peak and unlimited off peak with a small local ISP who don't even have support outside of business hours.

    Bad cable services like this make even Telstra look appealing.

      I feel your pain mate, ACt is awful, my choice is adsl1 with telstra 5k from exchange or some f'd up wimax itteration by some local cowboys with no out of hours support for $80 a month 20/40gb. Really messed up latency and varying speeds. Why do australians accept download quotas?, lived in the US 3 years ago - $40 unlimited 8mb down - now you can triple those speeds. Maybe the NBN can at leat give us hope in the nations "capital"!


    I personally think Internet Access via the NBN without any speed restrictions or included downloads should be no more than $30 per month, downloads should be charged at no more than $0.50 (but preferably less than $0.10) per GB and that there should be no requirement to take a phone service.

    Obviously there will be a need for a range of plans with various levels of included downloads, with and without a bundled phone service so as to meet the needs of all sections of the community.


    ive been paying $80 a month for the last 2 years, only recently downgrading to $60 as the new data caps were more than i use.

    i would go back to $80 a month in a heart beat to get the promised NBN speeds as long as they had equivalent data limits

    why is everyone saying 1000GB/s when the post says MB

    he is a clueless politician... whats new? between them and journos the truth is just a dream these days.

    BTW i'm happy to pay $80

    The upshot? Turnbull is a prize turkey, and his credibility in this debate just keeps going down.

    If the NBN can give me line rental and a 50Mb/s connection with a 50gb quota or more, count me in.

    I'd be happy with free internet, when's that coming?

    I pay $59.99 a mth includes a $20 discount,which I forgo my pension discount on line rental for 6gig.I have wireless broadband,live in a rural area.Only Telstra can provide service-no competition so charge what they like.1 Terabit a second is dreaming.Rural area's will never get A.D.S.L. broadband cable only an upgrade with wireless,In the far future.I would pay $70 for decent service and speed.

    TPG ADSL (inc line rental) = $40
    TPG average revenues per user = $46

    So most people stick to the basic plans.

    If NBN average revenues is going to be $65-$70 mark, then basic plans will likely start from about $55 retail. And for $65 you're probably only going to get 25 Mbps.

    For the majority of Internet users (not techies), the Internet bill is likely to go up around 20%.

    id be stoked paying up to $80 bucks for those plans and be satisfied paying up to $100

    Currently $75 for 40GB split into 8/32 at 1Mbit. It's Unwired so doesn't include line rental either.

    Really, this is worse than Telstra. So at the moment, I wouldn't really care what the price is as long as its got a higher data quota. And of course as long as it's not a ridiculous price.

    Would you have to pay line rental for fibre? Since you're not really using a copper line.

    I only pay $10 for line rental.
    I have a second line and i called up telstra and said what is the cheapest line rental you've got and i want that. Calls are more expensive but i don't make calls on that line anyway. so it might be a good idea for you to do this if you have a second line you don't use for calls. Just ring up and ask.

    paying for the plan is one thing but line rental is a joke. You guys realise that we will be paying for line rental via taxs for decades? so in reality you're paying for it twice.

    Saying that I cant wait for thos kind of speeds.

    Far out, someone said "future-proof". I thought it was only those selling the NBN who said that kind of garbage.

    Without any quota information the question is completely unanswerable, anyway.

    $100/month is right around my mental threshold for paying for this sort of thing. And that's only if it's as good as it says.

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