Google Street View Invades Antarctica

Apparently there's not any pavement left to conquer, so the expeditioners at Google Street View have ventured to the frosty South Pole to let you stroll around online. My question is why are there so many people just hanging out?

Brian McClendon, VP of Engineering at Google Earth and Maps, snapped the footage while on a recent Antarctic trek to Half Moon Island with his wife. It seems like a pretty nice place! Penguins, sunshine, (frigid) water—and apparently a lot of dudes in orange jackets just sort of lounging around. Check it out for yourself, and pour some ice cubes down your pants for full sensory immersion. [Google Lat Long Blog]


    Great, Google Streetview can cover Antarctica but not my street in the metropolitan suburbs of Perth!

      fair enough. who wants to see the suburbs of Perth?

        Agreed. Not much to see anyway!

    I live in Perth and dont want to see the surounding suburbs.
    Dullseville - THe only excitemnt is when the Govt declares another zany scheme to brighten the place up (All fail/dont get past the drawing board - at a cost of millions)

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