Foxtel On Xbox Priced And Dated

Foxtel has just announced the pricing and availability of their Xbox 360 offering. Are you ready for Pay IPTV?

The 'Get Started' package, which is the basic connection you'll need to watch Foxtel through your Xbox, costs $20 a month and includes 11 channels: FOX8, MTV, Nickelodeon, Channel [V] , LifeStyle YOU, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, TV1, SKY NEWS, FOX Sports News and CNN. The service includes live streaming of all 11 channels.

For an additional $10 a month each, subscribers can add extra packages like Entertainment, Sports, and two different movie packages. Included in each pack are the following channels: Entertainment: MTV Hits, MTV Classic, [V]Hits, UKTV, Disney, The Comedy Channel, Discovery Turbo MAX, Nat Geo Adventure, Universal Channel, BBC Knowledge, and SCI FI Sports: FOX SPORTS PLAY, ESPN, Eurosport and FUEL TV Showtime: showcase and showtime premiere Movie Network: Movie One and Movie Two

In addition to the live streaming channels, there's also Catch Up TV offerings on selected channels, which allows customers to watch programming on their own terms. Not every channel has a catch up TV offering, but those that do include: FOX8, MTV, Nickelodeon, Channel [V] , LifeStyle YOU, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, SKY NEWS and CNN from the Get Started package; UKTV, Disney, The Comedy Channel, Discovery Turbo MAX, Nat Geo Adventure and BBC Knowledge from the Entertainment package, plus about 100 movies a month from the Movie Network package and about 70 movies a month from the Showtime package.

Finally, there will also be on demand content across the board, with new release movies costing $5.95, library movies costing $3.95, TV episodes costing $2.95 and some kids TV episodes available for $1.95.

The entire service will be available from early November, but will only be available to people who canalready get Foxtel. You'll also need an Xbox Live Gold account, and a minimum of 1.5Mbps home broadband speed.

Overall, it's significantly cheaper than a full Foxtel subscription, but it's still more than many might be willing to pay. There's also question marks over the video quality - it's certainly not going to be HD. But on the upside - more IPTV services are always welcome, even if you have to pay for them. Right?


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    FOXTEL NEED to reduce their pricing by 50% to keep people on the current cable , satellite packages!

    The biggest issue will be quota, how much will it eat up your megabytes, you will need a 1TB plan just to make this viable.

    Any word on options for current foxtel subscribers? Eg as an add on package? This would be good as an extra box in the bedroom but not sure about paying twice...

      i thought i saw something when they first announced it that existing foxtel customers wouldn't be paying much at all. althought i could be imagining things, just like the australian public when labor party was re-elected

        If Labor wasn't re-elected I'd never be able to take advantage of this... Liberal would have just sat there and let ISPs figure out who is going to let me get 1.5Mbps, which they've been doing for the last however many years...

        And guess what... nothing has happened!!! I'm still stuck on 1Mbps only. Bring on NBN!

      Dude i pay $25 a month for an additional box and its an IQ2 box. An add on package to watch through the xbox would be useless when its so cheap to get a second box, especially one thats got all the same channels as your existing plan and the IQ2 box is a beast!

      "If I already have Foxtel do I automatically get this?

      If you already have a Foxtel account you can attach your Foxtel on Xbox 360 as a multi-room account."


    If you're an existing subscriber, this doesn't make any sense, so I hope they have alternative pricing. For just $15/month last time I checked, I could get another HD box with ALL the channels I currently subscribe to in another room, why pay $20 for only a handful of channels??

    think i'll pass. why bother when i can download what i want and watch it when i want. TV is just a joke now and you can thank our dishonest government for this. release some more bandwidth already, then we wouldn't have to pay for more content or download it illegally. have a look at Freeview UK to see what i mean.

    Ok can someone explain to me why you release an IPTV service and then only have it available to people that can get the land-line service?
    Am I the only one that doesn't undertsand that in the slightest?
    Guess what the benefit of an IPTV service is, especially a cable one? The fact that you don't have to have cable to get it!

      I assume it's only available to people within their service area so it isn't made available to people within Austar's service area. Probably other scenarios.

        Ahhh. Ok. I read Nicks response to your comment along with wiz's comment. I guess that makes a bit more sense now.
        I am in the same situation re: living in an apartment with no cable which is why I was interested in this.

      It is because IPTV is not like flash 1to1 flash steaming, instead, the video is delivered through a CDN (content delivery network). Without this, the TV feed would have to be sent over the regular old internet which would overload their network as for a 100,000 customers, they would need 100,000 separate feeds, through a cdn they only need one feed per channel per area, this way they won't have to overhaul their network.

    Bollocks. I want neither a Foxtel subscription nor an XBOX Live Gold subscription. I just want pay-per-view for football (soccer) matches. Thanks guys for another useless offering.

      Yep... in exactly the same boat as you mate. It sucks having to hope SBS broadcast the one match you want to watch at 3am... We have no choice but to watch sh*tty coverage of a match that is picked at random due to the station's time restrictions.

      I agree - why would one need an Xbox Gold account for this? There's no reason it couldn't work with a basic/Silver account.

      It's just double charging.

    What content will be on Fox Sports Play?

    I wonder what they mean by "only available to people who can already get Foxtel".

    I live in an apartment that is part of the Foxtel cabled area, but my building requires significant rewiring that the body corporate isn't willing to pay for. So, technically I can't get Foxtel.

    Perhaps this just means "available to people who live in Foxtel's subscription area"?

      Yeah, I think that's what they mean.

    what a joke, those 'on demand' prices are more than the bricks and mortar rental stores...

    Interesting, but too pricey for me. Maybe at about 50% of that I'd bite, but only if it was in the iiNet freezone (yeah right!), I suspect if you do some decent viewing on this you coudl end up spending just as much on download quota as you do on the monthly foxtel fee.

    My question would be is 1.5mbs the line speed or actual download speed.. because 1.5mbps is a ridiculous minimum spec for most users. The average user would only get a 800k-1mbps at most.

    They need to re-optimize their service to allocate for lower bandwidth users.

    I would expect that telstra bigpond subscribers would have this uncapped yes?

      Why do you think that is a "ridiculous minimum"? Do you understand what the quality of H.264 streaming video would be like at the next lower ADSL1 speed of 512kbps? Probably awful - why would you want to taint your IPTV platform with a low speed minimum requirement if you knew it would look like garbage?

      Basically ~everyone can get 1.5mbps or faster ADSL so this seems like a pretty realistic minimum to me, especially considering around 50% of ADSL2+ subscribers can get in excess of 10mbps.

      1.5mbps is fine. Thats 1.5mbit which is extremely low. Which means everyone on ADSL2 (Up to 21mbits) and most on ADSL1 (Up to 8mbits) can get access too it.

    If I can get the movies on demand without having to subscribe, great. I curerntly don't need Foxtel otherwise.

    You forgot to post the most ridiculous news of all out of this

    If you're in an area where Foxtel is not available, you can't sign up

    So the point of IPTV is....

      there is no point! hurrah for regional australia and their super improved NBN without ability to get metro iptv services!

      Of course you can, you just need to be a little creative.

    I agree that price and quota is the main issue here. With regards to quota I am with iinet on ADSL+2 which claims all Xbox content is part of their freezone. Would Foxtel on Xbox 360 be part of this freezone download limit I wonder..

    1) Foxtel can only offer the service in the area that they have content rights for. This means that they can't offer the service in an Austar area as they legally do not have rights for it. If you have broadband and are in the Foxtel subscription area, you can sign up for the service
    2) You can sign-up for movies on demand without the need for a monthly subscription
    3) The live channels have different quality settings so you can drop down to 800Kbps if your connection is below the minimum. T

    Sorry, need to clarify this for you Gunnie;

    iiNet offers selected unmetered Xbox LIVE content on all iiNet broadband plans

    There is also a Topic on Whirlpool about this.


    i doubt whether iinet will cover it under freezone as they are pushing their own iptv solution fetchtv which i subscribed to last week... on the 24 month contract...... bugger.

    Well thats me gone ! Not in the right area, shitty telstra connection, and to top it all they don't even have the only thing I want (Sky Racing).

    start the plan at $10 a month and I'll consider it

    surely foxtel could work out something with bigpond (telstra) like the tbox to make the streaming data unmetered.. that would make it maybe viable for bigpond customers at teh very least

    a sports only plan would be good too.

    I really think that Foxtel and/or Xbox need to revise their advertising about this product. They say it is Foxtel over the internet. Therefore there should be no restrictions as to who can subscribe. Come on guys, tell the truth in your ads or don't bother. There are enough false and misleading ads out there already!

    I have the fetch Tv offerring from iinet, and now also have the Foxtel on xbox as well. I can tell you the foxtel offerring is far superior to fetch TV. Fetch seems to overwelm my internet connection, and I experience considerable start/stop of the feed at times, and also even the phone which is IP, also has problems when fetch is active. But with foxtel on xbox, I dont experience any of these issues. Fetch will be going soon.

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