First Impressions Of The New MacBook Airs

The new MacBook Airs are slimmer, snappier and better suited to cutting cheese than ever. Here's what people are saying about actually using them.

SlashGear says that they're "slick, beautiful machines that will likely persuade many Apple Store shoppers just from a quick play in-store". Also:

The 11.6-inch Air is incredibly thin, just like an iPhone 4 at its narrowest point at the front. Nonetheless, it's also solid and bend-free, and the keyboard is as easy to use as a regular MacBook Pro. The display is Apple's first 16:9 aspect panel, as is the 13.3-inch model.

The bigger MacBook Air has larger function keys than its smaller sibling, but both power up almost instantly; basically, as soon as you have the screen open to a usable angle, OS X is ready and waiting for you.

They weren't kidding about that iPhone 4 thing.

Engadget says the 11.6-inch version is the "tiniest, thinnest, most lust-worthy laptops we've ever seen". As for the 13-incher:

It definitely feels significantly bigger than the 11-incher, and we noticed the function keys are standard MacBook size, as opposed to the shrunken ones on the 11. We also noticed that it was seriously instant-on — we popped the lid open and closed several times while taking photos, and it was ready to go the second we opened it.

Xeni Jardin at Boing Boing snapped these photos:

We'll be adding more impressions as they pop up.

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