FCC Tweets Playoff Game For Fox-less Cablevision Customers

FCC Tweets Playoff Game For Fox-less Cablevision Customers

The real victims in the ongoing spat between Cablevision and News Corp? Phillies fans, who were denied from watching Tuesday night’s playoff game on Fox. Until the FCC stepped in with live Twitter updates from the game.

Matt Cain relieved after 7 strong, 2 H, 0 ER. Giants scored on two singles, throwing error. SF up 3-0 top 9 http://fcc.gov/consumerTue Oct 19 22:51:49 via web

Sure there were only three tweets, and yeah, there are probably better ways to keep up with the playoffs than the FCC Twitter account. But good on them for intervening as best they could. And bad on the American Television Alliance for being so uptight about it:

Instead of using its authority to protect Cablevision’s customers from the News Corp blackout, the FCC tweeted updates from the Phillies-Giants playoff game last night to fill in ‘the baseball void for those without Fox-Cablevision.’ …The FCC needs to step up to the plate and create a real solution by reforming retransmission consent rules immediately.

Hey, pitching change tweets are the baby steps that lead to sweeping regulatory reform. That’s what my grandpa always used to say, anyway. [Twitter via Consumerist]