Fake Steve Summarises Microsoft Chief Architect's Departing Memo

Chief software architect Ray Ozzie may have been a man standing alone at Microsoft, daring them to be ready for a post-PC world. But his goodbye memo is an epic screed. Fake Steve handily summaries it: "We suck. I quit. Goodbye."

If you manage to make it through Ozzie's long entry and read between the lines, the sense of resignation is definitely palpable. Can Microsoft ever consider a world without the PC as it knows it? [Fake Steve, Ray Ozzie]


    lol. simpletons.

    as Fake Steve jobs says... they didn't even bother to read it. and just took the opportunity to bash Microsoft.
    very professional guys...

    Microsoft has been a lot more forward thinking than
    Apple recently, its just that their company structure and culture is a complete cluster**** so they can't act on any of it.

    that is the primary advantage that the Steve Jobs dictatorship has.

      What? Forward thinking? WHERE? With Apple on the verge of releasing its 8th major OS in this decade against MS's 2, the worlds biggest IT company with product releases each year. In 3 years they've brought the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air to the consumer as opposed to MS's what??? Real forward thinking. What NEW products have MS pushed out ahead of the competition? The Zune? Keep deluding yourself because when chrome os comes out there won't be anything the world would need from MS. They really do suck.

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