Crazy Guy In Wheelchair Goes Kamikaze Into Lift Shaft

Woman gets into lift. Closes door. Guy slams his motorised wheelchair against the door. Guy gets mad. Keeps ramming the door. Door breaks. Guy falls down lift, chasing woman. I know this is what happens here. I just can't understand it.

The scary thing is that this is not the first time something like this has happened, except that the other cases don't involve an apparently deranged Korean guy. In 2009, another man in a wheelchair fell down a lift shaft in Detroit. Sadly, he died. And in 2007, a guy in Ohio was injured after he fell down another shaft. After the accident, he declared that the lift car was waiting in front of him in the darkness.

Perhaps the Korean guy's wheelchair controls went nuts, but it looks like he is the one who went crazy. [Naver via Buzzfeed]

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