Commonwealth Bank's NFC Cards Will Soon Work At Bunnings And Dymocks

One of the best techs in Japan is their regular use of NFC payments in mobile phones. While we don't have that here in Australia yet, the next best thing is the Commonwealth Bank's PayPass debit and credit cards, which will soon work in Bunnings and Dymocks stores around the country.

Previously available at about 15,000 points of sale around the country, including IGA supermarkets, Etihad stadium, Boost Juice and Red Rooster stores, the addition of Bunnings and Dymocks will take the total number of contactless points of sale to over 20,000. The technology allows users to make transactions under $100 without the need for a PIN or signature.

It's still a long way from being ubiquitous, but it's still a big step in the right direction for NFC payments in Australia. Here's hoping we see it in phones soon too.

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