Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Long Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Long Weekend

Why Is Amazon Making An Android App Store?
Maybe because they want some more marketshare pie.

Coolest Flight Attendants Ever Perform Safety Dance To Lady Gaga
I don’t really care for Lady Gaga, but I still think I’d pay attention to the safety instructions if my flight did this.

Review Matrix: The Apple TV Dissected
Of course, you need to remember that we don’t have all the same content down here.

Homebrew Technology: The $US100 Aeroplane

Adidas Dumps $US10m iAd Due To ‘Control Freak’ Steve Jobs
Be honest – are you disappointed in the slightest?

Windows Phone 7′s US Launch Details Will Be Shared On Oct 11
In an amazing coincidence, Microsoft has an event on October 12 in Sydney too!