Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

It’s WinPho7 Day. Huzzah! Heaps of news from the US feed, and the Aussie launch is happening this morning – we’ll be there!

No Angry Birds For WP7 Yet, Even If Microsoft Thought So
I wonder if that makes users angry enough to fling themselves from a slingshot at the people of Redmond?

LG Slips Early With Optimus 7 Windows Phone 7 Handset
LG’s going WinPho7.

Samsung’s Omnia 7 Traps WP7 In Super AMOLED Screen
So’s Samsung.

HTC Announces Flurry Of New Phones With WP7
Oh, and HTC, too.

The Definitive Guide to Windows Phone 7 Handsets
Wouldn’t it be nice if all the new WP7 handsets were rounded up in a single place? Yes, yes it would.

Windows Phone 7′s First Games And Apps Look Awesome
Sounds like productivity is officially dead.

The Essential Windows Phone 7 Launch Apps
Or maybe not!