Bieber Bait Phone Provider Busted Bigtime

Bieber Bait Phone Provider Busted Bigtime

When someone wants to take legal action against a company promoting any product involving teen pop snot Justin Bieber, we are so there. And if that company has also potentially besmirched the good name of Space Invaders, we’ll bring our own thermos to court. Incredibly, this train of events has actually begun to transpire.

The ACCC today launched proceedings in the Federal Court against 6G Pty Ltd and Global One Mobile Entertainment Ltd, two companies which push those dubious-sounding ringtone and wallpaper download services that fill late-night television ad slots. The regulator alleges that the company failed to adequately disclose that it was offering subscription products rather than one-off purchases, which is a massive no-no under Australian law. The somewhat random list of products sold via the ads included a Bieber tone and phone game versions of Space Invaders and Doodle Jump.

Really, we’d have hoped impressionable teenagers were more tech-savvy than that, and didn’t need to buy ring tones in the first place. But it’s always good to see this kind of behaviour held to account. Adding a soupcon of Bieber bashing to the event just makes it more thrilling. The case hits court on December 7.

And OK, I realise the thermos will probably never get through security. But it’s a thought.