Awesome Tron Watches Will Only Exist If You Want Them Enough

When there are so many actual Tron accessories that demand contempt, is it so much to ask for these kickass concept watches to become real? Fortunately, this time it's within our power to make these happen. Solidarity, people. Here's how.

These LED watches, designed by Scott Galloway, are currently up for vote over at Tokyo Flash, known proprietors of ridiculous timepieces. But this one's not even that ridiculous! In addition to looking badder than badass, they're also remarkably easy to read: the outer ring tells the minutes, the inner ring the hours. Simple.

So, please, do your patriotic duty to make these happen in time for the Christmas holidays. I've got a few stockings to stuff, and I'd much rather do it with Tron watches than desk calendars. [Tokyo Flash via Gadget Lab]


    im pretty sure i want them more than enough when are they coming out!?!?!?

    Its say that they are available now, click on the link "available to buy here exclusively at Tokyoflash Japan." $139.00 though.

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