Asus WX-DL Is A Round Mouse That Likes To Be Touched

It would be hard to convince me to shell out $US80 for Asus's WX-DL wireless touch mouse before actually holding one—I'm having flashbacks to another circular input puck here—but I can always respect a company trying something weird.

And weird it is—the aluminium 2.4 GHz WX-DL has a round body that's tilted up in the back, presumably so its butt fills your palm more naturally, and a touch sensitive circle inlaid on its top, allowing for quick four way scrolling in addition to the regular mouse action courtesy of the 1200 dpi laser sensor. The top touch pad also doubles as a set of multimedia controls.

I don't know how it would feel in your hand, but it would not look bad on your desk. The WX-DL works with Windows machines, 2000 - Windows 7, and is available now for $US80. [Asus via Engadget]

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