Apple's Lion Is Extreme Right Political Party Symbol

It's ironic that the poster cat for Apple's Mac OS X Lion is exactly the same image used by a extreme right political party. Or maybe, given some policies and events, some people would say it isn't ironic at all.

It's ironic because Apple's CEO is known to lean to the left side of the political spectrum. But it's just a coincidence, one of the dangers of using stock photos of felines. Anyone could use them, including this neo-fascist Flemish nationalist party:

The slogan 'Flemish force "is portrayed with a lion's head, making the Flemish campaign exudes confidence and assertiveness. "The Vlaams Belang, the Flemish force today, especially after June 10 will be needed," said party chairman Frank Vanhecke afternoon during the presentation of the campaign.

What is not coincidence is that Steve likes vegetarian Belgian waffles with tofu cream and maple syrup. But that doesn't make him into a fascist. That only makes him into a lovely, warm-hearted vegan. [Thanks Jef Laugs!]

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