Apple's Forums Leak iLife '11, 'MBA', Mystery Product

Some digging by Polish site Spider's Web has revealed Apple's set up early forum discussions for today's announcements. Looks like we can expect an updated MacBook Air, iLife '11 and a mystery "reserved" product. OS X Lion, we're guessing?

It does make you wonder whether the leak was intended. If it was indeed some Apple employee getting a headstart on the day's work, surely he or she would've just gone ahead and typed "OS X Lion" rather than "Category: Reserved 10 20". Unless he wasn't informed of what the product would be? We all know how secretive Apple is, especially with staff.

For the full story of how these products were discovered, check out Spider's Web for the deets. None of the leaks are entirely unexpected, it's merely confirming what we'd already heard. [Spider's Web - Thanks Michał!]

UPDATE: Our intern Adam raised the very good point of the 11.6-inch MacBook Air possibly having a new name, hence the discussion was labelled "MBA need official name". Something like MacBook Air Nano, perhaps?

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