Apple TV's Netflix Service Is Missing Gay And Lesbian Category?

Back when the Netflix app for iPhone became available, there were complaints that the gay and lesbian category was missing. With Apple TV deliveries trickling in, there are reports that the Netflix service there isn't displaying the category either.

What's going on? Is Apple pulling an Amazon? We know they're fairly prudish when it comes to boobies and racy apps, but I shouldn't have to spell out how ridiculous it is that they could disregard an entire slice of the North American population like that.

Apple's forum user Brendan5 pointed out the omission on Saturday, saying that he can find the category by searching for a film he knows should be in there (such as Newcastle), but otherwise, the category does not appear in the main feed.

The same category was missing from the iPhone's Netflix app when it launched in August, but it sounds as though it's now present.

If anyone in the US with a brand new Apple TV can confirm this by checking their hockey pucks, please do. My antiquated Apple TV and non-US zipcode mean I'm in the dark here. [Apple forums - Thanks, BrodySF!]

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