Apple Buys House for $US1.7m For iTunes Cloud

When Apple asks to buy your farm, there's your chance to aim high. High is what the Fulbrights did when Apple fancied their acre of land adjacent to their iTunes data centre in North Carolina.

Thirty four years ago, that one acre cost the Fulbrights $US6000. After selling to Apple, they now own 49 acres and live a life of luxury. Oh, to have the unknown foresight the Fulbrights had back then, eh? 46,400sqm and will be completely built by the end of the year. I shouldn't have to spell out what this data centre is going to be used for, but if your mind is suddenly envisioning fluffy white clouds, then you're on the right path. Hello, North Carolina iTunes-streaming centre!

If Apple's keen to open a data centre in Australia, I can definitely put them in touch with my parents. I'm sure Dad wouldn't mind selling our farm for a few hundred mill and a couple of iTunes gift vouchers. [Bloomberg via 9to5Mac]

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