Angry Birds Tears It Up On Android With 1 Million Downloads In One Day

Android users were able to get their first crack at the additive Angry Birds game this weekend and they're just as crazy for the game as their iPhone counterparts. How crazy? One million downloads in a day crazy.

Developer GetJar fittingly tweeted the news this weekend, and why not? The pig-smashing game's still on fire. [Twitter via BGR]


    Except it is free for us android users!
    Suck on that iphone!

      yeah, suck on that iphone users! bet you wish YOU were all considered to be whiny, cheap, pirates!

      seriously, just seems unfair... treating owners of different smartphones differently.

        It was made free on android because of issues with compatibility across differing handsets and resolution. The downside is there are ads within the game and unfortunately no option not to pay for the game to remove these.
        I've got it on my Galaxy S and it is pretty awesome so far :)

        lol and here I was thinking that could be some nice capital to develop a WinPho version =P

        it's only fair Android users get something nice... how many companies only put out iPhone apps (take banking for example)

        So yeah, suck on it iPhone users

        Well Im sure they will generate a tonne from the ads in the app. So heres to hoping it makes it to Winpho.

    GetJar are just the publisher (and I believe it's available on the market now, though I can't see it) - Rovio developed the game.

    This game is fun but you all need to shut up with your "suck on that.. " lameness!

    I have android too but in terms of gaming and overall good looking UI iphone is wayyy ahead!

    So many app developers on android have no f'ing clue how to make something look good graphically.
    Looks aren't all that matter but it makes using the app a lot more rewarding. Specially if you have to pay.

    I would rather pay for angry birds, up to $5.00 even, because adds are annoying!

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