Alcohol-Infused Whipped Cream Puts Some Cheery On Top

The only thing better than flavoured whipped cream? Flavoured whipped cream that'll get you drunk. That's the joy of aptly named Whipped Lightning. Just imagine what the whippets are like.

Available in flavours ranging from a festive tropical passion to a more seasonal pumpkin to your standard spiced vanilla, Whipped Lightning seems like the perfect way to eat and drink your feelings away at once, one 36.5-proof shot of foam at a time. And yes, there are suggested recipes on the website, most of which seem to be of the "stuff you normally drink + whipped cream" variety.

It's currently only available in 13 US states, most of which coincidentally also have the most forgiving gun laws. And sure, there is no price listed, but I like to think that's because you can't put a price on glory. [Whipped Lightning via Uncrate]

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