Adidas Dumps $US10m iAd Due To 'Control Freak' Steve Jobs

Sportswear and shoe maker Adidas has allegedly cancelled a hefty $US10 million iAd due to "control issues" that could not be resolved with Apple or its CEO, Steve Jobs.

From the "well, that's nothing new" category, the rumour is that Adidas had no less than three creative designs rejected by Apple, with the money quote marking the end of the relationship being, "Apple CEO Steve Jobs was being too much of a control freak."

If true, this would be the second major brand to pull out of the iAds program this year. Earlier this year, Chanel also withdrew for reasons unknown, though judging from what other advertisers have purportedly said about iAds, it was most likely to do with control issues as well.

Control seems to be working for Apple with its operating system and hardware - will the same be said of its foray into the advertising space? [Business Insider via AppleInsider]

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