8 Amazing Garage Inventions

Jets, spacecraft and giant robots - some people build amazing things in their garages. Makes you feel a little self-conscious about that "cherry" 1981 Malibu and the stack of National Geographics you keep threatening to put on eBay, doesn't it.

A giant beetle robot from Japan that took 11 years to build.

A near perfect replica of the Batman Tumbler, built by Bob Dullam.

A replica of a first class Pan Am cabin.

A space shuttle built in a Phoenix garage by Morris Jarvis.

Built by Craig Breedlove, "The Spirit of America" was one of the first record-breaking jet-propelled cars.

Jobs and Wozniak's infamous Apple I computer.

A former fighter pilot built his own wings powered by kerosene burning mini-jets, which turn him into Jetman.

An 5.5m tall, one-ton mecha skeleton built in Wasilla, Alaska by Carlos Owens.

What else is your neighbour hiding? Take a peek at these Rube Goldberg Machines, home theatres, clever toolboxes and rolling ball machines. [Oobject]

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