12 Monumental Gadget Firsts

These clunky "firsts" will leave you hungry for a game of Duck Hunt and your favourite cassette. Or possibly send you scrambling to hug your sleek iPhone while giving thanks for the goodness that is modern technology.

This is the NeXTcube, from 1990, and it was the First Web Server. After jumping many bureaucratic hoops, Tim Berners Lee was able to purchase one, and three months later, the consumer-accessible web was born.

Also from 1990: the Dycam Model I. This is the first commercial digital camera, also known as the Logitech Fotoman. Either the Fuji DS-1P or the Sony MAVIKA were actually the first digital camera, but neither were ever sold to consumers.

And here we have the Sony CDP-101, from 1982. Even the alphabet soupy name screams "first CD player".

In 1998, the world got its first MP3 player, the Saehan/Eiger Labs F10/F20.

The Sony TPS-L2 was first Walkman.

In 1970, the first digital watch, the Pulsar, debuted.

The first VCR, The Telcan. The year... 1963.

The first transistor radio, which debuted back in 1954, was the Regency TR1.

If you wanted a smartphone back in 1993, this was what you got: the IBM Simon.

ANITA was the first electronic calculator, debuting back in 1961.

Check out the portable computer of 1975: the Ibm5100.

The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, the first mobile phone.

Disclaimer: These gadgets were chosen because they were the first available to consumers on the market - not necessarily the very first model invented. And if you'd like to check out some other ancient electronics, take a look at some of the earliest wristwatches, old analogue computers, a visual history of video recorders, 10 neat vintage phones, or a collection of some of the earliest TV sets. [Oobject]

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