You Too Can Own A Stargate For $US100,000!

On September 25-26, oodles of Stargate props will be auctioned off. The biggest catch is the Stargate from SG-1 and Universe, which is going for $US80,000-$US100,000. Why buy a house when you can mortgage a Stargate?

Even if the Stargate is beyond your price range, you can always buy a $US8000-$US10,000 animatronic Asgard puppet to entertain guests and door-to-door salesmen. And who wouldn't want to sport a Serpent Guard helmet this Thanksgiving? Your nanna will pinch your cheek until it's ruddy with puncture wounds! You can find more details about the auction at Propworx, and the PDF catalogue of items for sale is downloadable here.

[Spotted on Boing Boing]

Republished from io9.

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