Yahoo!7 Plus Now Officially Available On PS3

After a couple of soft starts, where the service appeared on PS3's and then disappeared shortly afterwards, Sony and Yahoo!7 have officially launched the catch up TV service on the Playstation 3.

Like the iView PS3 portal, the Yahoo!7 service works through the PS3's internet browser. Picture quality is really quite good for a streaming service, but you can't get the video to completely fill your TV screen you need to find the TINY little full screen button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, which is so small you'll probably miss it.

Video selection is quite limited at the moment as well, although chances are it will get better as time goes on. But at the moment, if you want something more than Sunrise, XFactor or The Event, you might be a bit disappointed. Unless you've got a thing for Better Homes and Gardens, that is or comic reality shows, that is...

As with most VOD services, downloads will be metered, so make sure you've got plenty of data in your broadband plan before watching.

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