Would You Ever Buy A Peek?

Earlier today, in the wake of the announcement of the Peek 9, the latest and greatest in a series of truly baffling gadgets, Brian Barrett asked "Who In Their Right Mind Would Buy a Peek 9?" Well, would you?

In that post, Barrett outlined the Peek 9 feature set:

email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Maps (but no GPS), Weather, Outlook and Exchange (with AutoSync), RSS, Word and PDF support. Oh, something called Peektop Apps, for which I'm not holding my breath.

OK, so he's not gonna buy one, but would you? Maybe as an ironic gadget accessory for yourself? Maybe genuinely, for a very young or very old relative?

Hide behind the anonymity of the poll below or shout your Peek love from the mountain tops in the comments. [Peek]

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