Will The Peek 9 Have Apps?

In a promotional email sent to us today, Peek chief Amol Sarva hinted the upcoming Peek 9 platform would support "real-time apps." Love 'em or hate 'em these devices exist, and they're apparently about to get a bit more robust.

"Peek 9 is a fast, focused, and cost-efficient way to put real-time apps in the hands of front line staff and first time users," Sarva said.

Adding apps to what is purposely a bare-bones device seems like it might defeat the purpose, but Sarva reaffirmed Peek 9 would retain the low-cost simplicity his company's devices have become known for over the years (or is that maligned?):

"[A] ren't people talking less? Texting, emailing, etc more? Isn't that cheaper? The bills should be going down. With Peek 9, they will," he said.

I'm not really on board with Peek, but I like that mentality about cheap texting. I wish the mobile phone carriers sounded more like Sarva. [Peek]

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