Why Would Anyone Would Need A Thermos-Like iPod Dock?

When most homes have so many iPod docks there's invariably one being used as a doorstop, it takes an awful lot of innovation to flog a new one to the masses. Will Sony's SRS-V500IP thermos-speaker-like dock work? Undoubtedly, no.

While it's not actually a thermos sitting in the dock (I know, disappointing right?), the design is equally as barmy - the cylindrical speaker can be removed from the dock and used in a drink tray in a car, while connected to an iPod. Otherwise, the little docking station is for more private use, with the speaker unit projecting audio in 360 degrees thanks to that cylinder-like design.

I hardly think the world is crying out for something as confusing-looking as this is-it-a-thermos-is-it-not, especially one that costs $US240. [AudioCubes via CultOfMac]

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