Wheel Your Way To Departures With The Titan Suitcase Scooter

That stylish businessman is the envy of his peers, thanks to the TITAN High-roller Suitcase. A combination socks container and extreme sports device, the TITAN turns tedious baggage transportation into a fun leisure pursuit.

Obviously it's only a concept piece at the moment, so don't get too excited about the prospect of wheeling around those vast departure lounges and their tempting low-friction carpets like you're in a weird business-themed Tony Hawk Skateboarding level. [Yanko]


    I saw something like this on my recent trip down to Melbourne - a little kid who had a plastic suitcase, which had a moulded top to be more seat-like and four wheels in the base so it could double as a ride-on cart.

    Yes, I was incredibly jealous. Still am.

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