We City Is A Farm Game Without All The Damn Farming

FarmVille might be the de facto farming game on account of its popularity on Facebook, but both its browser and iPhone iterations are kinda ugly. Also, what if you hate farming and love the click-and-wait style of gameplay? Play We City.

The game's made by ngmoco, the people who made We Rule and We Farm, which are like FarmVille in that you plant stuff and wait for it to grow in order to harvest it so you can plant more stuff. The uniqueness comes from the exact formula they use for how long you wait, what stuff you can plant and how you decorate your farm. Except with We City, it's not a farm. So instead of farming, you make stuff using labour (child or not) in factories and build buildings that mature into bigger, more useful buildings. It's free and actually fun. [iTunes]

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