Watch This Super-Powered Bike Shoot Flames Out Of Its Handles

Whatever you're pedalling, it's time to give it a stern, disappointed look. Because it just got obliterated by this flamethrower-strapping, ejector-seated, caterpillar-tracked monster. The BOND Bike, friends, leaves me shaken and stirred.

The working concept won't be up for sale - for reasons both legal and practical - pretty much ever, but it will be making an appearance at London's Cycle Show next week. It's a creation of, a UK insurer who incorporated the extreme elements to address its biking customers' most complaints. Cars passing too close? Hit 'em with a flame thrower. Bike thief? Wait until they find the ejector seat. Potholes? An all-terrain caterpillar track can handle that no problem.

Come on, Think carefully about this. You put so much effort into making the most kick-arse bike in creation. Wouldn't it be a shame not to set it loose in the wild? [Daily Mail]

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